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Our Services


Forensic Accountant Sligo, Ireland
Forensic Accounting Services include


  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Loss of Earnings Reports

  • Acting on behalf of Defence of Claims

  • Breach of Contract

  • Professional Negligence

  • Competition Law Difficulties

  • Warranty Claims

  • Family Law

  • Termination of Business/Partnerships

  • Mediation in Business Disputes

  • Expert Witness Testimony to the Courts.



Forensic Accountant, Sligo Ireland
Forensic Work Encompasses


  • Initial Meeting with client/legal advisors

  • Letter of Engagement

  • Initial Assessment

  • Assembling Key Financial Information

  • Interim Meeting(s) with client

  • Reviewing/ Validating Information Received

  • Preparation of Report

  • Opinion/Conclusion Reached

  • Court Attendance to give Expert Witness Testimony.

Forensic Accountant Sligo, Ireland
Who is likely to use our Professional Services


  • Solicitors preparing cases for Court Hearings

  • Insurance Companies/Defendants of Claims

  • Plaintiffs seeking financial remedy for losses

  • Firms of Accountants whose own professional independence or objectivity are in question

  • Companies/Individuals in commercial disputes requiring professional assistance

  • Parties involved in Family Law Disputes

  • Organisations/Individuals requiring independent/confidential financial investigative work.

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